Our Story

I'am Maria Martha but you can simply call me Maria. I am the creator of M&N Treasures for Children.

Growing up in a small town in Nicaragua with reduced access to international clothing brands, I spent my childhood performing in different recitals and was always dressed by my mother ́s exceptional taste for fashion.

She learned to confection clothes from my grandmother. Everyone always had something to say about my outfits!

My life changed when I moved to Panama City to begin my studies in Psychology and Languages, then to Asia to keep pursuing my studies.

Since then, it has been all about traveling the world and in different aspects of life, the uniqueness of each culture has been my major inspiration.

Today, I am a mother and since my daughter was born, I have been passionate about finding unique, quality pieces to dress up her childhood and to continue my mother's legacy. This has become a treasured experience for us.

Throughout the years, I have encountered small brands, met brilliant artisans and observed gifted handcrafters-all dedicated mothers creating the most unique treasures.

After working for a non profit organization with artisans from Nicaragua, I discovered the real value and beauty of their creations. My desire to work closer with them, was a call to start M&N Treasures.

After traveling for many years to India and being exposed to the Indian culture, I finally felt the personal conviction to create my first collection with Indian entrepreneurs and artisans.

I will continue sourcing timeless pieces around the globe, created by talented artisans, designers and craftsmen and bring those treasures to your home.

I hope your little one, enjoy our M&N treasures,